Why MicroMBA skills?

Main aim:
The cost of online Business Education should be less than the cost of the MBA application!

Many people often get confused whether to do online MBA or regular MBA for 2 years.MBA online in India  or MBA programs in India are not very well known.And many people know very little about online mba programs or online mba admission.
Relax, first let me explain, why micromba skills? 
Soon after my graduation I really did not know what would be taught in MBA and so I went to work.
In the meanwhile, I used to read business magazines or business pages in normal daily newspaper.But the content is used to be long and filled MBA jargon.
Then I tried business quiz programs,but they are conducted very rarely.
So,the next alternative was making micromba skills.
Let us see about the MBA industry.
MBA entrance and selection procedure:
Some MBA entrance tests are very tough (questions also from Maths)  and during personal interview, they are expected to answer in seconds(as if the student is a war plane pilot to eject from cockpit in nanoseconds, during emergency !).
What about current MBA students?
From LKG days, we have been trained to read and memorize and reproduce in exams.
Our education system is short memory based learning!!
Every year more than 5,00,000 students get graduated in business management but 80 % of them are not employable.
Why Professors take classes with text book (why not Today’s business newspaper) in hand?
Some professors come to class without reading the daily business newspaper but they even dictate notes,so that the students can memorize and reproduce in the exams.
Will these notes produce employable MBAs or is this a real MBA? 
In some colleges, the management is not at all organizing guest speakers from business world.
I can challenge,one single guest lecture will be remembered throughout their life, than your routine 2 year MBA course.
The cost of regular MBA:
Some MBAs are very expensive and not every one can afford it.
So, the only affordable alternative is MicroMBA skills.
So we decided that the cost of Micromba skills,should be less than the cost of the MBA Application!
The content of Micromba skills:
It has more than 90 topics with proven case studies.
For short term management program, there is no point in teaching about “Principles of Managements”…!
The case studies are more important for quick learning.
So,Micromba skills has proven micro-case studies from Local,Regional,National and International business world.
You will definitely get a better answer for ‘What is a Real MBA?’.
What about people who already completed MBA?
Many MBA graduates,who hardly read about business columns.(I realized that the management graduates ‘have last read’ about business was, those few minutes before last exam in the last semester)…!
And shockingly, most of the MBAs work like non-MBAs !!
When do you need MicroMBA skills?
  • Before MBA
  • After MBA
  • During MBA
Finally, let us know what is a real MBA…